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ma sauve 20G in 1h

Super pour iPhoto.

Accurate and fast

I had no expectations, but cranking 15.000 pictures of different kinds in couple of seconds with razor comparison precision took my breath away. User interface is clean and easy to handle. Unlikely to delete something by mistake. I found the settings realtively easy to handle with sufficient number of options. Comparison UI is well though out so that it’s easy to compare and choose the best photo to keep. Simply, this is very well written piece of software, that drastically saved my time in reviewing and reducing my photo library. Keep up the work guys!

Elegant and fast

This is really simple to use but offers loads of options to customise how it detects duplicates / similar photos. I just used the default config and it worked like a dream. Plays really nice with my network drive: it compared many thousands of photos on my network drive versus those on my mac really quickly and effectively. The automark tool is intelligently done and the rules are fully configurable too. An excellent tool!

Confidently remove duplicates in Aperture, Lightroom, iPhoto

PhotoSweeper helped me remove duplicates in my Aperture library(s) that were spread out across multiple computers, multiple external drives, duplicate projects, and many versions (I use Aperture but it can equally be used for Lightroom and iPhoto). My photography projects have grown (> 8,000). So when managing these many projects, I tend to have duplicate library(s) on different volumes and duplicate version names. I always have the best intention to orgainize and sort the duplicates; (“Later" I say… later). Aperture has no robust tools to manage or remove duplicates. Now I have added PhotoSweeper in my workflow to confidently remove duplicates in my many projects. Just as I have added some great plug-ins to Aperture with professional results, I use PhotoSweeper to ensure my Aperture library(s) are professionally managed. I can manage pairs of files, folders, or entire library(s). I can filter my search for duplicates by volume, folder, metadata, flagged, star-rating, etc. (at least 17 criteria at this date). Each step of managing duplicates in Photosweeper can be managed by reviewing pairs or files, automatically flagging files, moving files to a different folder or deleting files. You can also use "Rules” to filter and mark files for review by at least 17 different criteria (source, rating, flagged, rejected, hidden, color label, image size, DPI, file type, file size, folder path, folder name, file path, file name, capture date, metadata, creation date). You are in complete control! I can strongly recommend this program. It’s has a simple to use interface with a drag and drop media browser; robust search criteria, a pleasant “look” that feels like its a part of Aperture (I use), and logical step-by-step method that gives me confidence of a professionally managed library portfolio. The 5-star rating I give it is well deserved.


I tested a lot of other applications (also in Windows) and this is the best I found. Simple interface, efficient settings and - most important - correct results. Also, a responsive support.

Very bad

it works sometimes. it detects some duplicates and fails for some others. not 100% trustable and most of times i need to search for duplicates by my own.

Really smart. Must have.

Just tried it with around 500 photos from summer vacation. PhotoSweeper did what it says it does in seconds. Looks good, works great. IMO: a must have tool in our digital photo age. Thank you guys. Keep up the good work!

pretty good

I havent even started deleting duplicate photos yet… It took me a while to figure out how to use this app. I could only figure it out after using the help menu, which thankfully had a good description of how to use the app, and each of its features. Now, I think Im ready to start deleting duplicated photos! Two suggestions I have: 1) if you look at the screenshot(s) above, youll see that the "Drag and drop photos to the Box" label is BLOCKING the name and details about the third (right-side) picture. Thats very inconvenient when you are trying to compare photos. 2) You will also see that below each of the three pictures, it does not show the file details, such as dimentions, size, date, etc… This information is visable in only the "pairs" view (not the "groups" view or Setup). I prefer the groups view, being able to see all three or four copies of the same pic, but this missing information makes it harder to decide which to put in the box. Please include the specs of the pictures in all views. Thanks!

Major time saver for finding duplicates

Im pretty meticulous when it comes to keeping all my photos organized. I had almost 10,000 photos and PhotoSweeper was able to find over 90 duplicates. Its great that you can adjust the settings and decide how precise you want the matching/comparison to be. Overall I found this app to be a real time saver.

Has saved my sanity in dealing with a 20,000 photo mess…

Had photos scattered across 3 macs. In trying to merge all the photos, I think I made mistakes in merging the iphoto libraries, but by the time I was done, i had a mess… Photosweepers made a huge difference in dealing with the mess. I had libraries where the same Roll designator showed up for an event maybe 8 times? I did not use any of the more sophisticated options, and simply turned photosweeper loose: Im pretty pleased with results. Ive tried to do smaller batches of sweeps, just to double check: no problems. pleased and worth the $10.

Not Effective

The new version of the app is not effective. While it did find a couple hundred duplicates, it left thousands undetected. I have wasted a lot of precious time since purchasing this app (September 26, 2012)


What a time saver!! Within minutes I had reduced my library in half, saving me a ton of disk space. Thousands of duplicate and similar images were easily spotted and deleted. Great interface and versatility of the settings made it super easy for me to quickly review and decide which images I wanted to keep and those I didnt need to. Great product - highly recommended! :)

It misses a lot of dupes

I ran this on a file set of over 2500 photos in iPhoto and it missed aq bunch of things that were indeed dupes: B/W vs Color, Same/very similar picture, exact same pic but from different sources after it had been passed around through email a few times ha. Overall though, it did reduce a lot of dupes in the collection and I just have to spend more time to go through the rest and get rid of those images I do not want that are close to the same. I tried different settings to no avail.


I have been to busy to hunt down a good app to delete my duplicates. Bouncing between software and with the camera always resetting to zero duplicates were all over. I have just ran this app for a few of my shoots and just like that its 8gbs smaller. best on byte to byte if you do studio work because sometimes the model doesnt move enough for the other filters to see and there is more weeding that needs to happen for a safe deletion. Great app well worth the $9.99

Just What The Dr. Ordered

Finally found an app that helps control my growing photo library! With over 20000 pics in it duplicates find a way of hiding! I cleared over 3000 pics out safely! I have tried other apps and other "methods" but Photosweeper does what I require. For the price of $10 it is a bargain for growing photo libraries. Multiple options and filters allow the user to compare photos with many methods and by allowing the user to set how the deletion happens losing important photos should not happen. BTW intergration with Aperture 3 is excellent.


This did a great job on my Aperture libraries. It found almost 30GB of duplicates!!!

Simple and efficient

I could not write a better review of this report. It will track down all duplicates, mark both the original and duplicate, and allow quick efficient removal when desired. On top of that it will track down "similar" photos to help you trim your photo album (eg: rapid shoot shots that look quite similar). Rave reviews coming from me! N

The best deduplicator out there

This is the only photo deduplicator that I actually like, and I’ve tried a lot of them. My photo situation was a mess. After merging 2 iphoto libraries and a lightroom library together, I found myself with duplicates of all kinds. I had full sized originals, and I had scaled down versions that came from photostream or facebook. I had JPG, NEF and DNG versions of the same pictures. I had thumbnails that had been imported by mistake. I had photos with identical content, but different metadata. When I was done, I had an iPhoto library with 44,000 photos and thousands of duplicates. Every other app I tried fell down somewhere. Some werent flexible enough to dedup across multiple file sizes and images formats. Some deduped fairly well, but would pick/delete the wrong copy of the photo. Most were cumbersome to use. All were slow. Then I found PhotoSweeper, and it just worked. Its faster than anything else Ive tried, its easy to get started with and it has a great UI for browsing/tweaking the results. It removed 8,000 duplicates and saved almost 100gb of space. Im a fan.

Best duplicate picture application

I have worked with many duplicate finders. But I find the PhotoSweeper the best application specifically for pictures so far. It is especially useful as it allows the identification of not only “identical pix” but also “nearly identical ones”. And it works well with my large Aperture libraries. It does mark what it thinks to be the best/worst duplicates. It would be nice if I could decide what filters to use for that decision (e.g. type of pix, size of pix, etc)

Great software

Works perfectly. Used it to clean up a massive Aperture library. Would highly recommend it.

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